Android 开发工具之官网自己的IDE Studio

The Official IDE for Android

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.

World-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high quality apps.



Android Studio提供了最快的工具,用于构建应用程序的每一种类型的安卓设备。





Select a different platform

Platform Android Studio package Size SHA-1 checksum
Windows android-studio-bundle-143.2821654-windows.exe Includes Android SDK (recommended) 1181 MB (1238569296 bytes) 6f7fcdc30800bd8b3fbd5a14c2b9857243144650
android-studio-ide-143.2821654-windows.exe No Android SDK 270 MB (283805040 bytes) d8cb3968814b6155f4effe727baf23b18b9f8360 No Android SDK, no installer 286 MB (300630577 bytes) 9bec4905e40f0ac16ac7fde63a50f3fbc1eec4d9
Mac OS X android-studio-ide-143.2821654-mac.dmg 284 MB (298597716 bytes) 4a7ca7532a95c65ee59ed50193c0e976f0272472
Linux 284 MB (298125051 bytes) 55d69ad2da0068d818718b26ba43550fbcbeb7e9

Get just the command line tools

If you do not need Android Studio, you can download the basic Android command line tools below.

Platform SDK tools package Size SHA-1 checksum
Windows installer_r24.4.1-windows.exe 144 MB (151659917 bytes) f9b59d72413649d31e633207e31f456443e7ea0b No installer 190 MB (199701062 bytes) 66b6a6433053c152b22bf8cab19c0f3fef4eba49
Mac OS X 98 MB (102781947 bytes) 85a9cccb0b1f9e6f1f616335c5f07107553840cd
Linux android-sdk_r24.4.1-linux.tgz 311 MB (326412652 bytes) 725bb360f0f7d04eaccff5a2d57abdd49061326d






Android Studio2.0新的特性介绍

Android Studio 2.0 is the fastest way to build high quality, performant apps for the Android platform, including phones and tablets, Android Auto, Android Wear, and Android TV. As the official IDE from Google, Android Studio includes everything you need to build an app, including a code editor, code analysis tools, emulators and more. This new and stable version of Android Studio has fast build speeds and a fast emulator with support for the latest Android version and Google Play Services.

Android Studio is built in coordination with the Android platform and supports all of the latest and greatest APIs. If you are developing for Android, you should be using Android Studio 2.0. It is available today as a easy download or update on the stable release channel.

Android Studio 2.0 includes the following new features that Android developer can use in their workflow :

  • Instant Run - For every developer who loves faster build speeds. Make changes and see them appear live in your running app. With many build/run accelerations ranging from VM hot swapping to warm swapping app resources, Instant Run will save you time every day.
  • Android Emulator - The new emulator runs ~3x faster than Android’s previous emulator, and with ADB enhancements you can now push apps and data 10x faster to the emulator than to a physical device. Like a physical device, the official Android emulator also includes Google Play Services built-in, so you can test out more API functionality. Finally, the new emulator has rich new features to manage calls, battery, network, GPS, and more.
  • Cloud Test Lab Integration - Write once, run anywhere. Improve the quality of your apps by quickly and easily testing on a wide range of physical Android devices in the Cloud Test Lab right from within Android Studio.
  • App Indexing Code Generation & Test - Help promote the visibility your app in Google Search for your users by adding auto-generated URLS with the App Indexing feature in Android Studio. With a few click you can add indexable URL links that you can test all within the IDE.
  • GPU Debugger Preview - For those of you developing OpenGL ES based games or apps, you can now see each frame and the GL state with the new GPU debugger. Uncover and diagnosis GL rendering issues by capturing and analyzing the GPU stream from your Android device.
  • IntelliJ 15 Update - Android Studio is built on the world class Intellij coding platform. Check out the latest Intellij features here.


Deeper Dive into the New Features

Instant Run

Today, mobile platforms are centered around speed and agility. And yet, building for mobile can sometimes feel clunky and slow. Instant Run in Android Studio is our solution to keep you in a fast and fluid development flow. The feature increases your developer productivity by accelerating your edit, build, run cycles. When you click on the Instant Run button (), Instant Run will analyze the changes you have made and determine how it can deploy your new code in the fastest way.


New Instant Run Buttons 
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